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Crumar's activities are centred on the production and distribution of fireplaces, columns, balaustrades, fountains, tables, moulding for all types of construction, basins and worktops, etc. We have an unlimited range of solutions for which, as well as the marble and other raw materials. We can draw on a large stock of blocks of natural stone emanating from all the five coninents.

In order to do this, the company relies on a highly qualified team of more than fifty professionals in the field. Our premises, in the Almerian region of Fines, have been expaned to cover over 50.500 square feet an we are equipped with the latest technology to enable us to develop an execute our work.





The Company was set up as partnership in 1989 by skilled crafstmen in Fines, in the region of Macael, becoming a Limited Company in 1999 with the objective of producing hand-crafted work in marbel and natural stone.

We have more than twenty year of experience during which time the company has stood out for the high quality of its work, as well as the speed an efficiency of its service, two values which have taken it to a leading position in this sector. Today Crumar Project is marketing its products over the whole of Spain as well as in the international sphere, in places as Great Britain, United States, Ireland, Germany, Russia and many others.


From the outset the four basics aims that have sustained the development of the company have been:

  • The high quality of our products, from the exacting selection of the materials to the excellent level of the finish.
  • Respect for the environment, which has meant that Crumar Project has adapted its structures, resources and systems to fully comply with all environmental regulations.
  • A complete and integral service of information assessment and a policy of commitment and punctual delivery.
  • A competitive strategy of open flexible management which can integrate the suggestions of its own employees and which gains the complete confidence of its clients. these qualities earned us the award of Best Young Company in the Province of Almeria in 2003, and amongst other prizes, the "Fuente de Adra" for the level of craftsmanship in our products.


More than simply peppering our presentation with the word "environment", given the nature of the natural origin of our products, at Crumar Project we make a constant effort to respect the environment and to contribute to its sustainable development.

From the extraction of the stone to the treatment of the waste generated in its manufacture, all our processes conform to the established parameters currently in force. As much for our respect for the environment in all our manufacturing processes as for the high quality of our finished products, we have been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate of quality.

All that one can imagine, We manufacture stone with optimum quality and meeting the their requirements.
Bienvenido Cayuela Pastor
Bienvenido Cayuela Pastor


About Us

We are one of the leading Premium Handicraft of Natural Stone and Marble Company develops customized projects of any size and complexity.

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